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London based Japanese artist showcasing the beauty of  colour

Satomi Takayama

Satomi Takayama at Kokonton Gallery


My attempt with my painting is to capture these moments and particularly the colours present within them.

Starting Art

When I moved over to London from Japan in 2016, I didn’t speak English, I didn’t have a job and any friends who knew me well. I didn’t have anything to be proud of in this new country. As I started visiting galleries in London, I became immersed in art and found an open door to a world that had once frightened me.

Once unable to express my true feelings to others, art gave me the push I needed to connect with people, the confidence to make a new life in this country, and a passion for painting I may never have discovered had I not left behind my comforts in Japan.

Today, painting helps me to connect with people whom I would have otherwise never met, to see worlds I may have never seen, and to express emotions I may have otherwise never shown.  This is the power of art and why I hold it so dear.

What influences me

I still remember the moment I saw Claude Monet’s Rouen Cathedral painting in Madrid in Spain. I was unable to move for a moment, its exquisite shades of blue and orange leaving me frozen as if my feet were nailed into the floor.

Impressionist artists including Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, and Pierre Bonnard continue to be my heroes, inspiring my own application of colour and brushstroke, and I would be surely happy if a painting of mine may make someone else feel something powerful too as my dearest artists once did to me.

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Colour Artist
Satomi Takayama